The Process

Leavitt Stringed Instruments are built with solid tone woods obtained from both local and national hardwood suppliers. 

Guitar Bodies

Most of my electric guitar bodies are chambered to reduce weight without compromising tonality. My bodies and tops are cut and shaped from both domestic and exotic hardwoods. My tops are usually flat, but I also carve some of my models. I am currently building six body shapes ranging in size up to 13" in width by 18" in length. 

Guitar Necks

My necks are hand carved from 3"x3"x30" hardwood blanks. My necks are fitted and bolted to the neck pockets with machine screws via steel T-nuts beneath the fingerboard. I work with all conventional scale lengths. My fingerboards are made from traditional lutherie hardwoods. Head plates match the fingerboards. All necks are built with a truss rod accessible from beneath the head plate.